From LA to Italy, I'm Sara, an American artist living in Florence, I made this amazing city my home many years ago and now my heart truly is in two places.


For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated with making things with my hands. I made my first pieces of jewelry at the age of  19 and have been making art in one way or another my entire life. Combining art and fashion is something that came naturally to me as I have always been surrounded by both. 

I believe in bold colors, love at first sight, following your dreams, and that rainy Sunday’s are meant for P.J’s. My pens and closet are organized by color and my bed is always made. I trust that everything happens for a reason, that there is always a bright side and that we can do anything we set our minds to.


My greatest pleasures are a cat called Michelangelo and a wonderful man I often refer to as just ‘G’.


About Me


Sara Amrhein Firenze is a unique line of bold statement jewelry inspired by nature, unexpected color combinations, and extraordinary adventures. 


Each piece is one of a kind or limited edition and is handmade using the highest quality materials available. The primary medium is polymer clay, which emulates the qualities and detail of fine porcelain or ceramic, yet is extremely durable and lightweight without the risk of breakage. All beaded accents are always semi-precious stone, glass, or crystal. All ear wires are sterling silver or 14k gold plated.  


I am a graduate of the fine arts program at Arts Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where we focused on painting, sculpture, and installation. I combine contemporary materials and methods with centuries-old traditions of Florence, Italy to create a unique perspective in jewelry design.


I am proud to have the only polymer clay jewelry studio in the center of Florence.  My work was featured in the 2016 edition of Tenth Muse Art publications Polymer Journey’s, The Art & Craft of Polymer, a book that “highlights the most recent accomplishments and trends in polymer art, offering recognition for and insight into many of the most masterful and important pieces of the last two years.”


In addition, I'm also the co-founder and organizer of Creative People in Florence, an artists group, which organizes meetings, collaborations, studio visits, and group shows for contemporary artists and designers living and working in Florence Italy.

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