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September 17, 2014

I can't believe that September is already half way gone! Where does the time go? Well it is true what they say,  time does indeed heal all wounds. I am happy to say that I am now on to the next big thing. It is also true that when one door closes, another opens. For a...

September 2, 2014

Most people have very romantic idea of what it means to be an artist or designer. There is often times the misconception that we get to hang out in our studios all day and make things and people just magically come and buy them or that we are somehow independently weal...

August 15, 2014

When I was in art school I spent a lot of time worrying. I worried about what people were going to think about my work, both other students and my professors. Obviously, I needed to care, I was paying a shitload of money for that education but what was more important...

August 1, 2014

Today's post come from a Humans of New York post that popped up on my facebook time line this morning. It was a photo of artist Yuri Y. Yurov along with this quote from him.

“It seems that the more I tried to make my life about the pursuit of art, the more money contro...

July 25, 2014

....And I hope that next year I will be a different person than I am today.

One of my biggest inspirations are quotes. A good quote has the power to challenge and motivate me and help me stay focused.  I have an entire Pinterest board full of my favorites. Today,...

July 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! Its time for me to start blogging again! Now that my studio has officially been open for a little over a year, I am finally getting the hang of things around here. Naturally, I continue to learn, grow, change and challenge myself on a daily basis. They say...

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September 17, 2014

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