I am often asked about the process involved in making polymer clay jewelry when somone sees my work for the first time.


Each piece that I create is made entirely by hand. The most common material that you will find in my studio is polymer clay and my prefered brand is Fimo.


I begin by creating a few sketches with lots of notes and then writing a list of my materials. I then select the colors for the piece that I will be making. Sometimes I use the colors exactly as they come in the package, other times, like tubes of paint, I mix them together to create various tones and shades.


Next the clay is hand kneaded until it is soft and pliable to assure no cracking or tearing. I then roll the clay through my top of the line pasta machine several times to make sure that the tickness of each sheet is accurate and uniform.


After the clay is fully conditioned I then begin working it into whatever shape I will be using for each particular design. I use several different techniques, including caning and sutton slice. I have also come up with a few techniques of my own along the way.


After the pieces are cololred, kneaded, formed, cut and sliced and I am satisfied with the results, I then fire the elements in a small oven in my studio for one hour. Once they are cooled I will then varnish each piece individually (depending on the piece and the finish I want it to have). Finally I begin stringing, sewing or adding the appropriate findings to create a unique piece of art jewelry.

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