Sara Amrhein Firenze began in 2009 in the backroom of a construction company in Florence Italy. With paint peeling off the walls and no heat in the winter, I bundled up, wiped off the dirt, and got to work. A passion for art and fashion, along with the determination to make art my living fueled the fire, I eventually took over the entire space and turned it into my studio, and my company has been growing ever since.


Color can have a huge effect on our emotions, and this is way I love to use it in unexpected ways. I hope that the designs that I create make people happy, because happiness if the first step towards confidence.  My mission is to help women feel empowered and strong and to know that we are perfect exactly how we are. It’s amazing how much confidence a big colorful piece of jewelry can give a person, confidence is the most important thing we can have in life.


In a world of mass production and fast fashion, I am dedicated to offering the highest quality available, using only the best materials and sculpting each piece by hand; combining art, fashion, craftsmanship to create timeless pieces of the highest value. 


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