My inspirations are truly too many to count. Like most artists I am inspired by my surroundings. The art and fashion of Florence has been and continues to be a great infulence on my work, however,  I will always be a New York born California girl.


The Italian attention to detail and craftsmanship is always present, the influence of my fashion forward aunt and mother in NYC as I was growing up along with the perpetual sunshine of Southern California are all woven into my designs allowing for a new and unique take on art and jewelry.


I am continuously looking to see what other artists and designers are doing. I am always aware of both historical and contemporary art and fashion while keeping true to myself and never compromising my vision.


I regularly look towards artists such as Frida Khalo and Beatriz Milhazes. Fashion of the 1960's and 70's are great sources for me as well. One thing they all have in common is their unaplogetic use of color and bold patterns. I am also a big fan of Dolce and Gabanna and Marni, both wonderful Italian design houses. 


My Pintrest page in filled with many more sources of inspiration, I hope you will head on over and join me!


A beautiful view of Florence
The Beatles
Stevie Nicks
The Birth of Venus
Artemisia Gentilleschi
Marni necklace
Duomo, Firenze
Los Angeles Sunset
New York City
Vogue Cover 1968
Beatriz Milhazes
The poetry of Shel Silverstein
19th century porcelain flowers
Ben Giles Collage
The Amazing Frida Khalo
Dr. Seuss
Eleanora di Toledo
Dolce e Gabanna
Denise Julia Reytan

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