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New Photoshoot!

I recently had a photoshoot collaboration with @suelknitwear on Instagram and I'm so obsessed with the results. The photos feature multiple different creations of mine along with multiple pieces of clothing from Suel Knitwear. This day was so fun and the photos are incredible! A huge thanks to the lovely ladies I worked with to get these amazing shots!

The glamorous photo on the left features one of my green statement necklaces. This necklace is one-of-a-kind and truly unique! The bright green color is perfect for St. Patrick's Day coming up. This piece is available in my shop located in Sant'Ambrogio.

The photo to the right shows another one-of-a-kind statement necklace! This necklace is part of a new collection for spring full of bright pinks and oranges. This oversized necklace features two flowers in various shades of pink. This piece may be big, but it's super lightweight! One of my favorite things about polymer clay is how light it is while still being sturdy and durable. A conversation starter piece like this is perfect for any weddings, birthdays, special occasions, or just when you want to feel a little dramatic!

The photo to the left features a favorite of mine! These statement earrings and statement brooch are part of the same collection full of peach and teal. I love when you can mix and match pieces like this! These two really look so perfect together and even match the knit dress perfectly!

I'm so happy with how the photos turned out and if you want to see more, be sure to check out my Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok! And be sure to check out more knits from @suelknitwear!

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