Color Burst Brooch with Orange and Yellow Petals

Layers and layers of petals and leaves and full of color. It is the perfect accessory for the days when you feel a little EXTRA! Wear something fun that will make you smile all day long! 


This abstract flower brooch is like a sculpture that you can wear! It's lightweight enough to be attached to all types of fabric without flopping over. It is handmade skill and accuracy using various techniques and treatments from texture molds to Skinner blends. This is most definitely a conversation starter. 


The brooch is positioned at the top and embedded into the clay for added strength and durability. 


Perfect for special events or for a burst of color any day of the week. 


length is 2.5in / 6cm

width is  is 3.5 in / 7.5cm 

weight is  1oz / 29 grams


Polymer clay is an incredibly durable and lightweight material. To learn more about it check out the FAQ page.


This piece is the only one of its kind and will come wrapped in our custom packaging perfect for gift giving for yourself or someone special!


I recommend choosing the shipping with tracking option for this piece. 

Color Burst Brooch with Orange and Yellow Petals