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These earrings are made from polymer clay and are limited edition made from a one of a kind sheet pattern. The pattern is created on a flat sheet of clay where the design is built little by little. The flowers are and leaves are shaped from molds and placed individually on the sheet of clay. Once the pattern is complete it is then cut into shapes to create the earrings. 


Each pair is different depending on where and how the shape is cut. Once the pattern is finished the pieces are then put into the oven to fire. After holes are drilled and stainless steel earring posts are added to the back. 


The pattern will only be made once, making these earrings one of a kind! 


They are lightweight and easy to wear. Polymer clay is strong and durable and will not break easily. 


Business card in the second photo is used to show size. 

Pointed drops in blue and lavender