Yellow Flowers Statement Necklace

Five yellow flowers handmade in polymer clay with yellow stones.


  • Polymer clay - lightweight and strong material
  • Does not break easily


This particular piece is handmade by sculpting each flower individually  It has a natural and organic feel and is made with strong attention to detail and the best craftsmanship possible.


The primary medium is polymer clay which, emulates the qualities and detail of fine porcelain or ceramic, yet is extremely durable and lightweight without the risk of breakage


You can wear this necklace all day and barely notice you have it on. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they pick up a piece for the first time and realize how lightweight it is. 


Once Polymer clay has been fired at its proper temperature for the required amount of time, it will never change its color, shape or consistency. 


Polymer clay is 100% waterproof, making cleaning simple and easy. All you need is a damp cloth or baby wipe to wipe off any dirt. If your piece has lots of nooks and crannies as my pieces often do, all you need a clean paint or make-up brush to clean it out. With a few simple light strokes, you can remove any dust that has accumulated. 

Yellow Flowers Statement Necklace

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