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Over the years, I have noticed that many people have similar questions regarding polymer clay. Here is a list of the most common questions with their answers.

Each piece is handmade using the highest quality materials available. The primary medium is polymer clay, which emulates the qualities and detail of fine porcelain or ceramic, yet is extremely durable and lightweight without the risk of breakage. All beaded accents are always semi-precious stone, glass, or crystal. All ear wires are sterling silver or 14k gold plated.  

Q. What is it made of? Is it fabric, is it leather, is it wood?

A. The main material that you will find in my designs is polymer clay, which is synthetic modeling clay. It comes in colored blocks that I often then mix together like tubes of paint to create my own shades or I sometimes use them just as they are. What is so great about polymer clay is that models and sculpts like ceramic or porcelain clay but is then cured at a lower temperature, eliminating the need for a large kiln or high-temperature oven. I have a dedicated domestic oven that I use to cure all of my pieces.


Q. Does it break easily?

A. No, actually it does not. Polymer clay is an incredibly strong, durable, and long-lasting material. Like all art materials, there are various grades and qualities of polymer clay.  For all of my designs, I only use high-quality, professional-grade clays. As long as it has been cured properly in the oven at the correct temperature for the required amount of time, this material is as strong as plastic or rubber. Even if it slips and falls on the floor, it will be fine. If you have had experience with polymer clay breaking in the past, it is very possible that it was not cured properly or a low-quality clay was used.

Q. How do I clean it?

A. Polymer clay is 100% waterproof. Cleaning is simple! All you need is a damp cloth (I like to use baby wipes) to wipe off any dirt. If your piece has lots of nooks and crannies as my pieces often do, all you need is a clean paint or a make-up brush to clean it out. With a few simple light strokes, you can remove any dust that has accumulated


Q. Is it heavy?

A. It actually IS NOT heavy! This is another wonderful thing about this material. I am able to create the illusion of fullness and weight without having to worry that the pieces will be uncomfortable to wear. One of the main uses of polymer clay is jewelry making, therefore, the makers of the clay have taken this into serious consideration when developing their product. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they pick up a piece for the first time and realize how lightweight it is. Sometimes I do incorporate real stones into my designs so if one of my pieces does have weight to it. it is usually for this reason, rather than because of the clay.


Q. Will it change shape/color/consistency over time?

A. Once Polymer clay has been cured at its proper temperature for the required amount of time, it will never change its color, shape or consistency. It can even be cured over and over again without losing its shape. If a piece gets too hot, for example, if it’s left in the sun for too long or in a hot car, you may notice that it becomes a bit more flexible than usual, however, once it cools off, it will be just as strong as it was before. I do recommend avoiding extremely high temperatures. (above 100º c)


If you still have further questions for me, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to chat! 

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