Oversized Green Leaf Necklace

A great statement necklace can not only change your look but can also make you feel strong, confident, and ultra-feminine. This piece is bright and bold and can be worn all year round. Green as a neutral goes with every color just like the leaves of a flower. 


Handmade in polymer clay by using real leaves stamped into the clay. I cut each leaf by hand and then I added a layer of clear liquid clay to the top mixed with gold mica powder to give it some extra sparkle and shine. The color is mixed into an ombre effect on both the leaves and the branches to give a natural effect and add dimension. 


This necklace is a statement piece but it's also extremely lightweight and won't weigh you down. It's easy and comfortable to wear. 


Made entirely by hand in polymer clay. To learn more about Polymer Clay check out our FAQ page

Oversized Green Leaf Necklace